Miniature Menagerie Series

This collection of critters was inspired by the calmness we feel when gazing upon creatures curled up sleeping. The tiny lines and dots in each drawing illustrate the texture of each animal's fur and ground them to their resting spots.

With a desire to share this feeling of Zen, these drawings are available as open edition Giclée prints. Printed on high quality, archival paper, these timeless artworks will bring you joy that lasts a lifetime.

About the Artist


Aiteen is a mixed media artist based in Cape Town, South Africa with a background in Visual Communication.

Drawing inspiration from the sea, and the creatures that live in and gravitate towards it, Aiteen combines imagery from nature to create abstract landscapes and portraits that have a sense of serenity and familiarity.

An alchemy of paper, ink, paint and glue bring Aiteen’s artwork vision to life.